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  • Progressives for Democracy in America (Central Forida Advisory Board)

  • American Youth for Climate Action

  • Nerds for Humanity


  • Nadia Ahmad, JD, 2020 Sanders Delegate (FL-CD-7)

  • Chad Albritton, Casselberry City Commission, Seat 4

  • Dr. Rebekah Cordova, Fmr. Chair of Putnam County D.E.C.

  • Arlo Dennis, Trans Rights Activist

  • Laura Hill, Grassroots Activist, North Miami

  • James Langford, 2020 Sanders Delegate (FL-CD-7)

  • Imam Tariq Rasheed, Islamic Center of Orlando

  • Dr. Richard Thripp, Fmr. Chair of Volusia County D.E.C.