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INTERVIEW: Ask the Politician

Released April 20, 2022

Ask the Politician: Talking to Politicians. So, you know exactly who you are voting for!!! Ever wonder who you are voting for??? Are you tired of jumping around from website to website, searching what each candidate is running for? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a YouTube channel, where you could type in the year, position, State...Hit search...then all the running candidates will appear! Look no further! I created a YouTube channel to solve this! I am talking to as many candidates as possible, so that you know exactly who you are voting for! And putting them onto ONE YouTube channel.

Who is running for US Senate in Florida?

US Senate Candidate in Florida. I'm talking to as many US Senate candidates as possible. And putting them all on this YouTube channel for the Primary and General Election in 2022!!!!

Candidates running for US Senate in Florida.

00:00 - Who is Josh Weil, why are you running, who is funding your

18:32 - Healthcare

31:08 - Covid

35:12 - Education

52:55 - Small Businesses

01:03:46 - Economy

01:18:23 - Climate Change

01:24:06 - Build Back Better Plan

01:28:06- Final Thoughts

I hope to give every candidate an opportunity to come onto this channel and tell you why we should vote for them. So that you (the voter) can make a more informed decision on who to vote for.

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