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INTERVIEW: Live! from Hakuna

Released April 06, 2022

Live! From Hakuna is an open air format podcast hosted by Blake Rothmel from Hakuna Makava in West Palm Beach, FL. We regularly have on friends, new and old, on to discuss who they are, what they do and what their thoughts and feelings on the current state of the world are. We often dig deep to discuss family, struggles, overcoming adversity and many other intriguing topics. From mandates to aliens, no topic is off the table!

Joshua Weil is a high school math teacher With hopes of changing the world. At 37 years old he is now running for US senate. He has personally canvassed over 40 of the 67 counties in the state of Florida And if you include his virtual canvassing he has hit all 67! He has pledged to not accept political donations from any corporations or superPACs Which is highly commendable and extremely challenging in A-day and age where politicians raise tens and tens of millions of dollars to pay for television advertisement. He personally drove from Orlando to sit with us on this Podcast for almost 3 hours and then after 11 o'clock at night drove back to Orlando. From ADOS (American descendants of slavery) reparations to the legalization of marijuana, Joshua Weil seems to be a candidate who wants to enact change for people in this country.

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